I met a girl with disability on Tinder — and I love her!

Today, I was checking up on my Tinder as usual, and I saw I had a match. Her name is Sarah (changed for privacy purpose). She messaged me first, which I thought was strange enough. It's so rare for girls to reply to my messages, let alone them messaging me first. So I replied to her message, as usual, thanking her for matching with me and asking her how she is. Then I looked at her pictures. She looked a little weird to be honest, like I thought she had a serious illness or maybe cancer. She had this tube attached to her nose, like those you see in the hospital to help deliver oxygen. But I'm the last person who should be judging another by just looks.

So I continued to chat with her, just being friendly and polite. I didn't have any sexual attraction as such, because, well... her pictures. Please don't judge me. She was extremely nice in her chats and extremely friendly. After a while, she told me she had disability since she was a toddler, and she can't walk, and she can't travel. I didn't press further what was exactly her disability — because I think it's birth defect  or something. I felt sorry for her at first, but I don't know if I should be. I continued talking to her, mostly out of pity at first. But it turns out, she is the most positive person I have ever met, she is happy with her life, she feels lucky. She has positive outlook on the world. While most of us are in one way or another feel depressed despite our privileges. I don't know how to explain it, but she is very inspiring. How is she happy, and I am not?? I am blessed in a way that she is not, but she is happy... If you talk to her, I promise you, you will be happy too. I don't know to explain it, her positivity is too contagious.

I love her attitude and I love her personality. I am lucky to match with her, I am lucky that she messaged me, and I am lucky that I am now friends with her. If I could ever overlook her physical appearance — and the fear of my kids having birth defects — I would be the luckiest man on Earth — assuming she wants me too of course. She is wonderful, very wonderful person, and everyone needs her positivity.

I've written this fast, because I have to go to bed, but I just had to write it. Maybe I'll expand on this later. I feel so happy I matched with her.


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